Since the beginning of mankind, healers strived to not only heal the body-mind complex but also understand and be guided by its inner wisdom. Often throughout history exceptional healers had the capacity to intuit and “know” what a body-mind needed at a given time. Because of its uniqueness and seeming randomness this has been perceived as miraculous. These healings were so rare and exceptional throughout history that very often these very healers were persecuted and ridiculed.

With the onset of muscle testing also known as Kinesiology or consciousness research these exceptional capacity to know and intuit what a body and mind needs are no longer only applicable to rare individuals. The development of a new form of medicine that relies on what the body-mind communicates to the practitioner has emerged a system of healing that makes the miraculous common place.

This is the case because as a system it focuses on what the Body talks and has to say to the practitioner via muscle biofeedback and structured intuition.

The first time in human history these exceptional healers are no longer alone spread thin throughout history but instead healing can be learned and accessed by anybody willing to go through the in-depth training of utilizing the wisdom of the client instead ones own ideas and belief systems.

By letting the Body talk and the practitioner listen, Bodytalk has developed a system of health and healing that is one of the most effective therapy forms available today.

The basic premises of Bodytalk

Besides the most important aspect of Bodytalk to let the inner wisdom of the client guide the healing process a few other aspects make Bodytalk one of the most advanced and effective healing systems today:

The interface between the Unmanifest and Manifestation

Bodytalk utilizes research into Consciousness to find a more preferable and possible potentiality and through intention, observation and other techniques facilitates this new potential and state of being into manifestation.

The Power of Consciousness & Observation

“Intention is All-Powerfull”
Dr. David R. Hawkins Witnessing and Observing

When something is observed and given an intention to shift and change into a certain way it will happen. This premise has been confirmed not only by Quantum Physics and the “Heisenberg Principle” (Observation changes outcomes) but also by numerous contemporary teachers and books of all fields (for example by the work of Dr. David R. Hawkins, the “Mindful Universe”, “The Power of intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer or even by practices of visualization that are now being used even in the majority of sports and other activities.)

The Principle of the power of observation and intention has become so prevalent in society that even mainstream magazines like the Success magazine published by Darren Hardy states that “successful people are trackers –whatever you want to change track it” (Darren Hardy, Compound effect).

Bodytalk integrates this principle by focusing on a different state of being that is then shifting and manifesting into the body-mind and life.

Consciousness as Source of everything including change

“There is no change until there is a change within, a change within Consciousness”
Rev. Jakob Merchant

Bodytalk is considered Consciousness based Healthcare. Consciousness is considered in the Bodytalk system not only the source of everything that exists but also the source of manifestation itself. A key principle of Consciousness based Healthcare is that whatever is held within Consciousness will eventually manifest into the world. This is the case because of the Top-down model of creation which states that from the Field of Infinite Potentials (“Unmanifest”) through Consciousness and its filters (beliefs, positionalities and other aspects held within the mind consciously or subconsciously) it literally becomes “solid” or manifest not only as ones experience of life but even ones very physical body. This manifestation can be as certain illnesses, problems, life situations. In essence ones current life is a reflection of what has been held within the mind and it’s broader term Consciousness itself. For any aspect of ones life to change it requires simply a change within Consciousness.

One major aspect of how Bodytalk works is that it impacts the unfoldment of life itself. When before a Bodytalk session life would have unfolded a certain way this unfoldment now has been altered through the Bodytalk session. Just like when one changes the direction that one is headed over time one will arrive at a different destination. Bodytalk is making this slight shift in the direction of the compass that allows for life to unfold in a certain different way.

The Field & Health and Healing

Please read our in-depth article on “The Field and Health and Healing” for a more complete description as well as explanation of what a morphic field is and what it does.

In essence a morphic field (a field of energy that contains information) could be imagined in a Bodytalk healing session as a net spanned throughout the field of infinite potentiality (“Unmanifest”) and pulled this net through interacting with the body-mind of the client into manifestation.

This morphic field is traditionally called in Bodytalk as the “Formula” as it is the unique formula to shift the client in a new and more preferable way of being, health or even different version of his physical body similar to a medicinal formula applied to a patient.

The brain-mind as receiving station

“All experience is preceded by mind, lead by mind, made by mind”
The Buddha, Dhammapada first verse

Bodytalk acknowledges latest findings in neurology and brain research that see the brain as a receiving station. Just like a radio receives the songs and its programs the brain is receiving its state of being – its thoughts, emotions etc. This principle states that there is an overall field that is traditionally called mind that interacts with the brain that “downloads” and executes the information in the body.

The Bodytalk Practitioner during a healing session has revealed through muscle biofeedback and intuition a new potentiality (“Solution of the problem”) that is a field of information known also as morphic fields (See “Fields and Health and Healing )for more information).This field of information is then “downloaded” or integrated through the mind into the brain and body.

Bodytalk empowers this principle through the intention and understanding that the tapping on the head is activating this process and function of the brain as receiving station of the new solution for the clients life (i.e. an integration and absorption of the information that had been perceived by the practioner as new state or “solution”).

The Heart-brain as governing mechanism of the human body-mind complex

The heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the other’s functioning. The signals the heart sends to the brain can influence perception, emotional processing and higher cognitive functions. This system and circuitry is viewed by neurocardiology researchers as a “heart brain.”

The Heart has been found to have neuronal tissue similar to the brain. In various studies it has also shown that the Heart-brain not only acts as another brain, but even more importantly is governing and modulating the brain in the head as well as every single cell in the body. ( Bodytalk acknowledges the importance of the Heart-brain by tapping the overall heart area (sternum) with the intention to have the heart-brain modulate and store the information (morphic field) of the healing treatment in literally every cell and aspect of the body-mind complex.

The importance of the Heart-brain within the Bodytalk system, is highlighted by balancing the Heart-brain as a specialty approach of Parama Bodytalk . By Balancing the Heart-brain directly all aspects of the body-mind can be affected due to its deep connections to literally every aspect, cell and part of the body-mind.

Dynamical systems & Non-linear dynamics & Interdependent Origination

One key focus of Bodytalk is restoring or re-establishing forms of connections and communication between various aspects of ones being (“linking”). For example, when two aspects are connected with each other they can not only function better individually but also provide a synergistic effect that transcend the simple individual benefits. A body-mind works in synergy together to accomplish the numerous tasks needing to be performed. Linking allows them to be utilized and work together instead of individual separate aspects.

This principle stems from Dynamical systems theory. Bodytalk looks at the individual based on dynamical systems theory. Hence, it looks at the big picture of an individuum and sees the individual parts that need to be connected in order to strengthen the web that is the person.

In pragmatic terms this often results to a major effect in Bodytalk therapy. The gaining of insights and awareness. When two aspects are connected/linked with each other the information and understanding of each one of them is available to the other and this improved form of communication creates a new, better overall picture that is often experienced by the client as various insights and deeper Awareness and understanding of the issues addressed.

Dynamical Systems theory emphasizes that no aspect of an individuum and even the individuum itself lifes in a vacuum. Instead everything comes into manifestation through “Interdependent Origination” (the Buddha). Interdependent Origination means that there is not one cause that makes anything happen. Instead there is a web of numerous different factors that all come together for anything to happen in ones life. Bodytalk not only acknowledges this but also specifically works with it as it looks for the threats within the web that are needing to change (priority) in order for a shift or change to occur.

The Power of Knowledge and Consciousness based Healthcare

Modern Science discovers new insights and understandings about the human being on a daily basis. Most often these understandings and insights however are of little value as they cannot be utilized by modern medicine. For example, addiction research has found various imbalances in brain chemistry (dopamine, serotonin pathways, receptors etc.) however has little to no direct approach to work with them. Psychopharmacology is used to ease the process of the addict getting rebalanced which often takes years or a lifetime. Similarly, latest research in western medicine on the Microbiome connects almost any illness to the bacteria in the intestines. While having this understanding and knowledge there is again little to no treatment available to utilize this knowledge

In Consciousness-based Healthcare like Bodytalk Knowledge indeed becomes power, because through Consciousness based Healthcare any knowledge and any latest findings can be directly utilized and applied in the therapeutic process. For example, one can do a Bodytalk session just on the dopamine pathways in the brain and through intention and focus as well as clearing all underlying factors in place, reestablish the original balance, regrowth neuronal pathways or even receptors that have been typically destroyed in the addiction process. In the very same way bacteria in the intestines can be worked with in order to reestablish a health Microbiome instead of the one that contributed to the illness.

One Premise of Consciousness-based Healthcare is that once one understands the nature of the process that is happening one can through priority, observation, intention and application of various consciousness techniques directly affect that process. For this reason any understanding or knowledge in any given area can be utilized with the Bodytalk system and in this sense bring power to otherwise empty book knowledge.

Underlying Philosophy of Bodytalk: Science, Quantum Physics, Advaita Philophy and all major healing systems

Dr. John Veltheim ,the founder of the Bodytalk system studied most known Healthcare systems and healing approaches worldwide. He has been trained as a traditional (allopathic) medical Doctor, Acupuncturist; working as Naturapath, Osteopath,Herbs, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda. Psychological therapy forms that deal with emotions, traumas, beliefs as well as the “Body armoring” (how psychology expresses itself in the body) from Austrian Psychologist Wilhelm Reich was also highly influential into the Bodytalk System. All of these systems and many more have influenced and become part of the Bodytalk system on some level.

The overall Philosophy behind Bodytalk is strongly based on Advaita and Vedic Philosophy as well as modern Quantum Physics.

See more information about the underlying Philosophy of Bodytalk in “The Science & Philosophy of Bodytalk” by Dr. John Veltheim.

Holistic, integrated & Open

One of the unique aspects of the Bodytalk system is not only that it is truly holistic (comprising every aspect of a human’s being as well as their interactions with each other) but also open to other systems that are outside the bodytalk system itself.

In the beginning of each healing session the Bodytalk Practioner asks if Bodytalk is a priority and when it is not one follow up question is whether to refer the client to another practitioner of any kind (e.g. another Bodytalk Practitioner, medical doctor, or even the dentist!). This allows through priority testing to find out what is of the best interest of the client whether the practitioner is trained in a specific therapy form or not and allows Bodytalk to be completely open and integrated with all healing systems and therapy approaches.

Scope and examples of Bodytalk

Bodytalk is one of the most comprehensive Healthcare systems in the world. While its complete scope cannot be covered in this a very short and brief overfief, some techniques and approaches can give a first glimpse of Bodytalk. For more details we recommend the book “Science & Philosophy of Bodytalk by John Veltheim”


Removing (spiritual) blocks through Bodytalk.

One of the biggest challenges and struggles along the spiritual pathway is that does not only not know what the actually underlying next block is but even more importantly how to transcend it. Historically, much suffering and prayer eventually lead to the insights necessary to move on. One excelling aspect of Bodytalk is to completely circumvent this long and painful process by finding out what is really going on and how to address it.

One application is to find the specific blocks like the specific attractions and aversions or core life patterns, belief systems, positions one is holding about life and facilitates a balance of them or a complete clearance.

Numerous times clients have come for spiritual direction, to resolve specific blocks or simply because “they did not know what to do next to evolve spiritually” and through Bodytalk this have been addressed very effectively and very fast.

This approach can be applied not only to spiritual blocks and problems but also in the same way to any area of ones life (i.e. blocks of making income, blocks in relationships, success, business etc.)

Bodytalk as Consciousness based Healthcare

Bodytalk comprises various techniques. It contains physical techniques that are similar to certain massage or Chiropractic techniques, it also contains techniques from various forms of psychotherapy and emotional release techniques. Furthermore, it also includes techniques that are working with the energies of the body, whether with the meridians similar to Accupucnture or balancing the Chakras (energy centers).
However, what sets Bodytalk apart is that above all these levels that Bodytalk can be practice it also has a focused to utilize Consciousness techniques itself. Bodytalk acknowledges a Top down process in the degree of influence. This means from the infinitite potentiality (“Unmanifest”) where the strongest power lies it tops down into Consciousness which in turn influences the mind which in turn does the emotions, energies, physiological function and even physical manifestation. Through this understanding that a certain level is influencing the other one can then address each problem and life situation at its most effective point, – Consciousness itself.

Working with the Immune System

The “Body Chemistry technique”, as well as the “Retraining the Immune system technique“ and the “Body Ecology” approach within the Bodytalk system are all directly addressing the immune system.On an energetic level balancing the Wei Qi (energetic boundary with the environment) as well as healing tears or scars within it is directly contributing to improving immune function.Indirect methods include for example working with de-stressing the Body through retraining the Amygdala (Fight/Flight, Stress response) or any other forms of perceived stressors (e.g. work, relationships, emotions etc.).

Working with belief systems and states of Consciousness, ways of being

A specialty not only of Bodytalk but also the focus of the Health and Healing Clinic in general is working and addressing belief systems as well as states of consciousness or ways of being.

Bodytalk offers numerous different techniques to clear or let go of belief systems that are no longer serving the individual person. Within Bodytalk’s Philosophy belief systems are mostly considered detrimental to living a complete happy and fuflfilled moment as they are limiting the direct experience of each moment and the perceived choices available. In this sense Bodytalk considers itself a negative practice as it intends to clear or “negate” belief systems and replace them with direct experience (Principles of Consciousness, John Veltheim).

Working with the energies of the body (Meridians, Qi energy)

Bodytalk comprises techniques to directly balance Meridians as well as Meridian points, the Nadis, Chakras as well as the WeiQi and other energies.

While general balancing techniques are available within the Bodytalk system, very specific techniques are also.

For example, Meridians can be balanced in their regards if they are deficient or excess.

Parama Bodytalk also allows to form or improve energetic pathways as well as their overall circulation. It then further allows to “divert” energy from one pathway to another in order to balance them. “Circulation Plugins” are also used to bring meridian energy to certain organs,endocrines or body parts in order to supply them with this particular energy and therefore improve their function.

Often a certain meridian or meridian point is compromised by emotions, memories or belief systems that “cloughed” the energy flow. By clearing those the energy can flow again more freely. Chinese medicine states that “All illness comes from blocked Qi (energy flow)”. This has been also confirmed by Dr. David R. Hawkins in the book Truth vs. Falsehood.

Hence, balancing the meridians or meridian points, and working with the energy flow in them has a direct impact on the health and well being of the client.

Working with the energies of the body (Nadis, Chakra)

Similar to working with Qi energy and the meridians the Nadis as well as their energy flow can be balanced, improved or new pathways laid to certain areas. Because the nadis carry the deeper wisdom, memories and consciousness states from the respective Chakras or overall Kundalini energy, they are therefore bringing these and supplying them to the area that they are integrated in.

Balancing chakras is not only a purely energetic approach of clearing certain energies but comprises most often clearing or balancing of past memories, emotions, belief systems and very commonly typical archetypes associated with that chakra.

Often when working with chakras it is also very beneficial to connect chakras with each other in order to improve energy flow, communication and synchronistic functioning.

In Bodytalk’s speciality course on Eastern Medicine that the Health and Healing Clinic utilizes balancing of the Kundalini energy itself is also used. This balancing can include the clearing of certain blocks within the kundalini energy pathways;diverting more kundalini energy to a certain area if necessary; or utilizing the kundalini energy itself to clear certain blocks.

Bodytalk and learning

Bodytalk facilitates the learning, integrating and becoming of any material in multiple ways. Whether it is a book, Audiobook, Course one can apply the Bodytalk Protocol on the book, chapter, specific aspects that were important to the person or the overall topic of the book itself. In the treatment process blocks to deeply integrate, absorb and become the material can be addressed and cleared. Further more, various brain centers can be balanced to store and utilize the material in better ways.

Healing and balancing the Brain 

Working with the brain and all its aspects is maybe the key focus in bodytalk. Bodytalk philosophy states that the brain in many ways represents the “split-mind” or duality of life. Hence the very first and foremost Bodytalk technique “Cortecies technique” aims towards a balance of the brain.