Generative therapy 

From the Unmanifest, the infinite potential trough the archetypal layers of the subconscious, infinite solutions to any situation can be manifested. Generative therapy focuses on bringing this potential into the actual experiential reality of a person. Utilizing various hypnotic and trance work, this form of therapy includes creating a positive state of consciousness “Coach state”, where a person can process anything that arises in consciousness due to being deeply rooted in choiceless awareness. Further therapy focuses on being in a solution centered state of consciousness, developing steps from the Unmanifest towards any goal, working with internalizing role models and utilizing them for one’s own hero’s journey. It is summarized under the lotus principle, that everything in one’s life can be utilized for the growth of the client and hence subserves the clients highest good. Rev. Jakob trained in this form of therapy for many years including training with Stephen Gilligan in person at his trainings and utilizing his books and other recordings on a daily basis.