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Excelsior College
Albany, New York
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

One Spirit Learning Alliance
New York, New York
InterSpiritual Counselor
Interfaith minister

Milton H. Erickson Institute
Mastery Training in Ericksonian Brief Hypnotic Psychotherapy
Individual and Group Supervision with Jeffrey K. Zeig
Evolution of Psychotherapy
Mastery in Ericksonian Brief Therapy
Fundamental Training

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, Society
MBSR – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: Intensive Workshop

Gestalt Therapy and Dream Work
Judith Schafman

Internal Family Systems Therapy
Dr. Richard Schwartz & Dr. Frank Anderson
Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & More

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
Frank Jude Boccio
Mindfulness Yoga Teacher training

Yoga Zentrum Passau
Yoga teacher training



Spiritual Directors International American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
One Spirit Learning Alliance International BodyTalk Association
Academy for Guided Imagery International Association of Yoga Therapists
American Counseling Association


Interfaith Minister
Yoga Instructor
Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Spiritual Director
InterSpiritual Counselor


Jakob is an ordained interfaith minister and a certified BodyTalk practitioner. Healthcare was a central theme in Jakob’s early years where he witnessed the compassionate care from his father as a doctor as well as his mother as a nurse. He realized the paradigm limitation of Cartesian-type medicine and philosophy early in age and this set the context for his further explorations. As a teenager, he studied philosophy, psychology and theology. This led to many life experiences including becoming a yoga teacher, studying psychology and biology the University of Salzburg, Utah State University and Excelsior College, as well as in-depth practice in Dr. David R. Hawkins’ work of Devotional Non-duality.

During this time many deep and transformative experiences led him to become an interfaith minister. As an interfaith minister, he further deepened his knowledge and reverence for all of the world religions as well as their contributions to healing and happiness. Most importantly, he learned that true healing needs to be addressed on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The relief of suffering in all its forms has always been a central focus of Jakob’s life: he realized that true healing needs to be a permanent experience. Consciousness-based healthcare is designed to support the self-healing of physical, mental, and spiritual issues and allows a permanent experience of love, peace, and happiness to take its place.

Today Jakob treats people with any kind of ailment from physical diseases to psychological, emotional, and spiritual issues. Many of his clients describe his treatments as life changing. Jakob’s commitment to love and compassion sets the context for all of his sessions, so that his clients may remember that they are already perfect, whole and complete – an expression of love itself.

Jordan, Sandiego, CA
Thank you very much for your Body Talk Session. After the session I could feel like a major change was made; It took a week and a few days to readjust the change to normal life. The change is still on going but I am feeling more comfortable with it now. Thank you so much for sharing your inner knowingness about relationships with me, through the session:)
Susan, Sedona, AZ
Jakob has helped me tremendously over the past year or so I have been seeing him, either for Body Talk orspiritual counseling, or a combination of both. I have come to him with various physical conditions, emotional problems, and also when I felt I needed a spiritual “tune-up”. I immediately feel lighter and freer after the sessions. He helps me see my situations entirely differently. My physical ailments also have diminished and I feel more in balance. Real changes have been made in my life when I follow his simple yet very powerful suggestions.Jakob is a skilled practitioner of Body Talk and a Minister, as well as a very devoted spiritual student. Most importantly for me is the healing, loving energy that comes through him. That is what I see him for, that is what heals me. He has a unique blend of humor and deep caring and compassion that is priceless!
Beverly B. Santa Fe, New Mexico
Jakob’s knowledge and experience is obvious but it is his love and caring that you experience the most. I felt a real difference both in my general well being and in my level of happiness after my sessions with Jakob and these feelings have continued to last.
Tony, Los Angeles, CA
I have seen Jakob for a few sessions on a variety of spiritual problems. The work was outstanding and profoundly influential on my path. He has a deep humility and respect for the process and approached everything with an open-mind. I felt and experienced results immediately in his office and for some time afterward. I would recommend him to anybody interested in Bodytalk specifically and looking for healing in general. 
Darren, Phoenix, AZ
I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Jake and have experienced healing of very difficult emotions and memories through my work with him. I highly recommend him for his deep listening and compassionate approach to healing.
Johanna, Cornville, AZ
I had the good fortune to experience a few Body Talk sessions with Rev. Jakob Merchant. I found them very nurturing and uplifting, just the perfect energy clearing for me at the time. I have highly recommended Jakob’s work to my retreat clients and will continue to do so.
Romy, AZ
The sessions with Jakob are filled with professionalism, wisdom, care, and love. His intentions at the offset are advanced as far as treating practitioners go, so I feel already ahead of the game as a patient, before the modality even technically begins on the table. I feel my relay of what I think I am seeing Jakob for is patiently heard, then I enjoy that as the sessions unfold, Providence via the technique indicates what is in the highest order for healing. I have faith, trust and more peace of release during the session and in the results, the deeper I seem to let go into being a surrendered patient. Unhealthy emotional, mental, and physical ailments have been alleviated, which seems linked to a greater growing relationship of Heart with Divinity. My sessions with Jakob have proved beneficial on all counts and are joyfully recommended.
Marianne, Linz, Austria
It was a wonderful experience having Jacob connect with me in our distance session. I enjoyed his gentle manner and intuitive approach to it. Although I was not there in person, I feel as if I had been. It felt very real to me and I can highly recommend it. I especially appreciated the information he wanted to know beforehand to understand me better as a person and the way he integrated what he had learnt about me. I felt a connection and a kind of trust despite the distance and I feel he has already set some changes in motion. Danke nochmals und alles Liebe
Dalida, North Carolina
I have been a patient of Jakobsfor years. Through his treatments I have healed areas in my life I did not know needed work. There were issues I had carried around with me through lifetimes. What a relief to be able to let go off all that baggage! Jakob is highly skilled in BodyTalk, and extremely accurate in his diagnosis and treatment. He has treated me with honesty, integrity, kindness and compassion every single time, and his intention has always been to help heal me. I always look forward to my sessions with Jakob!
Chetan, North Carolina
Jakob brings to the table a Loving and Caring energy that is very unique in the healing community. In addition to that his intuition skills are out of this world and I can say he truly works from the level of the field. He gives 100% attention to the session and is a expert in his domain.  His work on me has been transforming. I have seen changes in my spiritual life, relationships, work/business life and changes on the physical level as well. I can go on and on about the specifics and details but overall each time I have a session with him I know it will change my perception of life guaranteed!”
Chris, North Carolina
There is a deeper clarity of mind and of life in general. Most inner emotional reactions are seen very quickly and let go of. There is more peace within and I see the beauty in everything more consistently and deeper. My inner life included. I see the ego with much more compassion and love. I sleep better and wake up feeling clearer in intention/devotion. The itching (from psoriasis) is 80 percent diminished most of the time. The skin redness and looks in general have improved about 50 percent.The inner emotional reactions, anger, etc arising when I am with my daughter have decreased dramatically. They at least don’t take over and make me want to hide.I see very clearly the inner victim and the one that’s not good enough arise during the day and am able to say hi and let it go much easier.Wantingness in general has decreased dramatically. I feel a sense of life purpose that I have not felt in a long time.
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