There is a field of infinite potentialities. It’s sometimes referred to or called the Unmanifest. With kinesiology we are looking for a favorable potential to manifest. The mind is a receiving station much like a radio and hence the prayer, intention or tapping are simply facilitating the adjustment of the body and mind to tune into a different potential for one’s life. So in BodyTalk, after a session one’s life begins to shift effortlessly into the direction of the new potential. So this work is different than most healing modalities in that the unfolding of life itself is affected.

There is a top down process within creation. Our bodies and lives are nothing but a reflection of what is held within consciousness. Hence in order to change anything in one’s life one only needs to shift Consciousness. Consciousness Based Healthcare precisely seeks to focus on this shift within Consciousness in order to relieve suffering of any kind and bring a permanent experience of Love and Peace.


Part 1: Theoretic Basis

The Field – an Introduction

Fields are impersonal governing principles standing between the completely nonlinear (non form or Unmanifest) and the world of physical form. They are the intermediary between Pure Consciousness and the world.  Fields are a step down in the top down process of manifestation. Once something shifts or changes within Consciousness the related fields shift and affect what we call the world.

We tend to look at the Universe as something that is very fixed. Field theory in contrast implies that change can happen because behind everything in form is an energetic dominant factor called Field or Matrix.

Many people are familiar with gravitation. Gravity is seen as a field in science (the gravitational field).  Modern science especially quantum physics suggests that there are similar fields organizing, influencing and structuring all aspects of life. This article will describe various different fields as well as their relationship to health and healing and how the Health & Healing Clinic utilizes these concepts.

Different Languaging and Types of Fields

Morphic Field

The term morphic field is derived from the Greek “morph” which means shape or form (membean). This means that a morphic field determines the parameters, form and function of anything within the world. One could say it shapes the world. Rupert Sheldrake stated: “All self-organizing systems are wholes made up of parts, which are themselves wholes at a lower level, such as atoms in molecules and molecules in crystals. The same is true of organelles in cells, cells in tissues, tissues in organs, organs in organisms, organisms in social groups. At each level, the morphic field gives each whole its characteristic properties and interconnects and coordinates the constituent parts. “(Sheldrake). Hence a morphic field gives every structure its shape or form as well as type of functioning. This is true from the cellular level, over whole organisms, groups and even cultures. With shifting or changing a specific morphic field the form of its manifestation will also shift.

Attractor Field

Attractor fields are very similar to matrixes or morphic fields. Rupert Sheldrake described the connection between attractors and morphic fields as follows: “The mathematician René Thom has created mathematical models of morphogenetic fields in which the endpoints toward which a system develops are defined as attractors. In the branch of mathematics known as dynamics, attractors represent the limits toward which dynamical systems are drawn. They provide a scientific way of thinking about ends, purposes, goals, or intentions. All morphic fields contain attractors.” (Sheldrake). Hence an attractor field is like a magnet pulling and directing certain type of functions related to that particular attractor field.

Because every morphic field contains an attractor (point it gravitates towards), it influences its physical manifestation towards that gravitational point. In other worlds the field establishes what its content is attracted towards. This governing effect has been stated by Dr. David R. Hawkins as follows: “Attractor field is a term derived from nonlinear dynamics and signifies that within what appears to be random or unconnected occurrences, there is actually an invisible, organizing pattern field of influence that affects the occurrence of phenomena within each level of consciousness. It also establishes parameters that limit understanding and awareness. “(Hawkins). Consciousness based Healthcare can not only address the attractor directly but also synchronize and harmonize seemingly conflicting attractor patterns.

Morphogenic Field

The term morphogenic fields refers to morphic fields that are related directly towards the body. Dr. Sheldrake states: “The fields responsible for the development and maintenance of bodily form in plants and animals are called morphogenetic fields…These (morphogenetic fields) are rather like invisible blueprints that underlie the form of the growing organism. They are not designed by an architect, any more than a genetic program is designed by a computer programmer. They are fields: self-organizing regions of influence, analogous to magnetic fields and other recognized fields of nature. “(Sheldrake). Further, any bodypart within the body is an expression of its respective morphogenic field. For example “an insulin molecule, say, as a quantum or unit in an insulin field…(hence) any particular insulin molecule is a manifestation of the insulin morphic field (Sheldrake 2)

The Matrix

“Every function and every process in the living body involves a matrix in one way or another”
Dr. James Oschman

The matrix is a term used in Quantum Physics as well as Bodytalk and is another term for morphic fields. Dr. Veltheim the founder of Bodytalk defines a matrix as “an energy vortex composed of collections of thought complexes, memory associations and states of collective consciousness.” (Veltheim). Within the context of Bodytalk the focus of matrix work is more on personality fields, thought fields, states of consciousness as well as groups. However it is also applied to any matrixes of disease, symptoms or other combination of traits that are held together as an energy complex. Because of its configuration it is fairly easy to change a matrix via observation and intention. Bodytalk in particular offers various techniques to work with these matrixes.

Various other Types of Fields

There are numerous other type of fields including social fields (fields governing whole groups), behavioral fields (fields governing the behaviors of a person), mental fields (governing thought processes), or even personality fields. Those and others will be more discussed in the clinical application. If one thinks of any form of life, function or structure in the world one can find the related field out of which it emerges.

Morphic Resonance

Morphic resonance is best compared to a tuning fork, where through resonance both forks start to resonate with each other emiting the same sound. Dr. Sheldrake defines this process in the following terms:

“The means by which information or an activity-pattern is transferred from a previous to a subsequent system of the same kind is called morphic resonance. Morphic resonance involves the influence of like upon like, the influence of patterns of activity on subsequent similar patterns of activity, an influence that passes through or across space and time from past to present. These influences do not fall off with distance in space or time. The greater the degree of similarity, the greater the influence of morphic resonance. Whatever the explanation of its origin, once a new morphic field – a new pattern of organization – has come into being, its field becomes stronger through repetition. The same pattern becomes more likely to happen again. The more often patterns are repeated, the more probable they become. The fields contain a kind of cumulative memory and become increasingly habitual. Fields evolve in time and form the basis of habits. From this point of view, nature is essentially habitual. Even the so-called laws of nature may be more like habits.” (Sheldrake)

Morphic resonance is a key principle in Consciousness based healing work, long distance treatments, as well as explanations for other phenomena like archetypal astrology, hereditary influences (propensities one has been born with) as well as cultural influences. It is also a key principle in learning, habituation and any shift and change in life whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. In Part 2 as well as subsequent articles we will explore the principle of morphic resonance in different areas of life.

Part 2: Clinical Application

Fields and Physicality

The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.

~ Albert Einstein

As mentioned before fields are the innate governing principle of all of life. They are the interconnecting point between this world of form and what lies beyond it. Dr. David R. Hawkins states: “When the Radiance of the Infinite Spirit/ God/Light falls upon inert matter, there originates within that substance an organizational influence, a potentiality, that is an effect of the attractor field of life within consciousness. (Hawkins) Fields hence are governing every structure and anatomy within the body. They give them their shape and structure; they also determine the way each structure is functioning. Even more so current quantum physics teaches that what most people consider “physical” “solid” or “form” is really only a solidifying of fields. Rubert Sheldrake states: “ Morphic fields are located within and around the systems they organize. Like quantum fields, they work probabilistically. They restrict, or impose order upon, the inherent indeterminism of the systems under their influence. Thus, for example, a protein field organizes the way in which the chain of amino acids coils and folds up to give the characteristic three-dimensional form of the protein, “choosing” from among many possible structures, all equally possible from an energetic point of view.” (Sheldrake).

Consciousness based Healthcare allows one to address these fields directly. In as much as matter is not solid but instead an expression of a field, treatment can be directly related to the field of a specific body part. Once the field is changed, the change will effortlessly manifest in the physical manifestation of it. This work might be comparable to some concepts around the energy body or etheric body. In as much something changes within the vital (energy) body it will shift in the body. Bodytalk uses these principles for example to literally adjust the location of bodyparts or works with adjusting the functioning of any aspect of the organism. This can also be used for various illnesses or diseases as one simply provides a new “healthy” morphogenetic field for that particular body part which then can adjust to this new probability through morphic resonance.

Fields and Communication within the body

“It is in the matrix that the causes and cures for so called systematic illness are found. If you want to cure a systemic illness you have to work with the concept of matrix” (Galipo)

To improve communication within the bodymind complex is another central aspect in health and healing. These is accomplished by synchronizing the field that coordinates the respective functions. Dr. Sheldrake writes: “At each level, the morphic field gives each whole its characteristic properties and interconnects and coordinates the constituent parts.” (Sheldrake). For any organism to function properly all of its parts need to be synchronized and work together smoothly. This form of communication and Coordination is done via fields.

One of the most important aspects in Bodytalk therapy is to improve this communication within different aspects as well as orchestrating and organizing various bodymind functions using fields. “The whole body is linked with what is called a liquid crystalline Matrix…all processes (in the body) involve the intercommunication of this liquid crystalline system and making sure that all parts of the system are communicating with one another…and very important to understand that the functioning of the body depends on the proper communication the proper components of this liquid crystal…every cell in the body is part of this matrix “ (Galipo).

This work around lines of communication of the body is so central to health and healing that it is one of the key Principles of Bodytalk. Even the functioning of one body part like the liver is not of any use if it does not communicate properly with the rest of the body. This is not only through for every part of the body but also complexes processes. Some examples would include the production and distribution of hormones within the body, the proper functioning and orchestration of the immune system, (the coordination of) digestion or the coordination of other activities and behaviors that involve various processes to be coordinated.

Hence, by addressing those fields of communication one can reestablish healthy functioning of complex organisms within the human body.

Thought Fields

Often our thoughts are seen as very personal and individual. Thought Field Theory however states that they are merely an impersonal expression of an impersonal field. Dr. David R. Hawkins writes on the correlation of thoughts and attractor Fields:

“The brain is activated by thoughts and is their correlate within the physical domain of form, much as the physical body is the correlate of the etheric body. (They are isomeric.) Like a radio that converts unseen energy waves into intelligible sound, the brain is a receiver instrument of the energies of thought forms. Thus, the attractor fields of the nonlinear domain of consciousness influence many ‘minds’ and brains simultaneously. Like an unseen radio transmitter, the attractor field radiates a field that is accessible to those instruments with which it has concordance. (Note that the mechanism is ‘concordance’ and not ‘causality’.) A calibratable level of consciousness then exists as an independent field that contains concordant thought forms attuned to the ‘frequency’ of that attractor field. The field therefore sustains, supports, and gives a ‘home’ to similar thought forms. If an individual mind attunes to that level of consciousness, the field tends to potentiate the emergence of associated thoughts. This may result in the phenomenon of entrainment as the associated emotions increase the energy of alignment and commitment to the field and its personification as ‘me’.” (Hawkins)

Hence the postulation of current research including Dr. Hawkins, Rubert Sheldrake and (insert name) state that the brain is merely a receiving station a “6th sense” that perceives thoughts. This correlates interestingly with the ancient teachings of the Buddha. In pragmatic terms this implies that by treating a thought field one’s mental processes can be profoundly altered and shifted. This can have a profound impact on anybody who suffers from their mental processes in any way. This can range from clinical psychological disorders towards milder forms of “torture by one’s own thoughts”. Further with the understanding that thoughts are impersonal the practitioner can facilitate an individuation process in which the realization of impersonal thoughts is facilitated within the client.

Fields and states of Consciousness as well as personal development.

From the view of nonlinear dynamics it can be seen that one might call a state or level of consciousness is really a predominating attractor field that governs one’s perception. Dr. David R. Hawkins states: “Each level of consciousness represents an energy field of dominance as a consequence of its concordant ‘attractor field,’ which acts similarly to magnetic or gravitational fields…These previously unde¬tected, unidentified prevailing invisible fields pro¬foundly dominate and influence all human decisions, behavior, perception, culture, religion, and capacity for comprehension, as well as the range of emotional capa-bilities. “ (Hawkins).

Even on the physical fields are governing the development of the physical individual. Alexander Gurwitch biologist from the early 20th century stated “The place of the embryonic formative process is a field” (Gurwitch). Just as much as fields govern physical development, so do they govern personal and spiritual development. One of the most powerful steps in one’s one development is to move from being subject to one field to another field. Dr. Hawkins uses a descriptive term for each field to indicate the overall Characteristics and parameters of that field. To move from one state of consciousness to another has been taking enormous amounts of time. Consciousness based healthcare allows through kinesiology to find out the critical point from which one can move effortless from one field to another or to treat issues that may arise within a particular level of consciousness. (For further information please read our information on spiritual counseling)

Fields of Behavior and Personality Fields

Just like fields are governing physical shape they also govern behaviors (functioning). Just like there are fields governing the behavior of cells, hormones, organs etc. there are fields governing the behavior of the individual human being. Consciousness based healthcare systems like Bodytalk allows to affect directly a particular Field that is governing a specific behavior. With these behaviors can be adjusted, removed and new habits can be created. Bodytalk’s matrix dynamics is a prime example of treating behaviors through affecting the fields that governing them. Treatment on this level can be applied to a subset or the whole personality. Hence a whole set of behaviors can be affected. Bodytalk in particular works with the primary support fields of an individual, which normally is referred to as core personality, as well as various other personality masks. Because different aspects of one’s personality can be worked on, removed or formed Dr. Kaimi Philipovich refers to this type of work as “personality makeover.” (Philippovich)

Fields of Society and groups

“The nature of fields are that they share information and through resonance dominate everyone subjected to a certain field.  Hence, social fields coordinate the behavior of individuals within social groups, for example, the behavior of fish in schools or birds in flocks.”

Hence when one joins a group of any kind the principles, ideas and beliefs of a group will start more and more dominating one’s own life through a process called entrainment. Dr. David R. Hawkins states: “the attractor fields of consciousness levels act as though they have a magnetic attractor or repellent effect on other energies, almost as though they were charged or polarized.” (Hawkins). With this it becomes critically important what kind of groups, one joins and subjects oneself to.

Social fields can be used for healing and transformation simply by connecting to fields that are innate healing and supporting of health, love and peace. One subjects oneself to a field by intention and exposure. To simply become a member of a group is connecting to that field. The more than one aligns and practices the principles of this group the more the field effect takes place and will start dominating that person more and more. In this process intention or willingness is a very critical element.  Dr Hawkins states: “A persistent willingness is the trigger that activates a new attractor field and allows one to begin to leave the old. We may visualize a lesser attractor field approaching a greater one, at which point the introduction of a third element (free will, the decisive consequence of choice and evolution) suddenly creates a crossover (a “saddle-pattern”), and change takes place.” (Hawkins). The more one values or respects a certain group the more one will be allowing this particular field to dominate. Further, one’s involvement in a particular group is also correlating with the Field effect. Dr. Veltheim states: “This is true for any matrix: The more you respect it, the more you serve it, the more energy you put into it, the more it feeds you. The degree to which it feeds you and support you will be the degree to which you put in.” (Veltheim). Hence the dictum: Think not what a matrix can do for you, but what you can do for a matrix (adapted from John F. Kennedy).

However field influence also happens despite a person’s resistance even though it may be a much slower process. This is the benefit of going to a recovery group and eventually “getting it by osmosis” (field effect). The Health & Healing Clinic utilizes this principle by offering several groups that support health, healing and personal transformation.  Matrix dynamics work from the Bodytalk system also allows to connect an individual as necessary to supporting groups as well as resolving issues that my block the positive influence of a particular group on the individual. If necessary an individual can also be disconnected from a group influence that has become detrimental to the person.

The Field of the family as example of working with groups

Working with group dynamics implies to treat the morphic field of the whole group which in turn will affect each member who is subjecting himself towards that group. Just as the birds whose flight patterns are subject to one morphic field, when the field is changed the flight pattern of all birds is changed at the same time.

Another application of working with groups is to work with the relationships between certain people. This can mean to improve or change certain connections between members, improve communication between members or do work similar to family constellation therapy but now directly applied to the morphic field of that group.

Family is our primary support group and everyone is subject to a family matrix of some kind. Because it is a shared field of energy, all supporting and positive qualities are shared as much as all pathologies and problems. Dr. Veltheim summarizes this the following way:

“They (family matrixes) can be a very powerful support system. They actually nurture feed and maintain. And it is because people belong in those, that’s how they get through their crisis. Let’s say they have their ups and downs but they know, no matter what there is always family there to support them; and when you go through a really bad time (…) what they do to sustain them through that is the support of the matrix…they don’t have to be there, they can be in another country but they know the family is with them even though they are not with them geographically”.

Family matrixes can have pathologies too, when they can be destructive, when there is been a lot of abuse etc. and certainly in Bodytalk we spend a lot of time repairing those matrixes. You get children who feel ostracized from their family matrix or damaged by their family matrix and you have to repair those matrixes and you have to repair the relationships.” (Veltheim)

As stated above any group provides an exchange of energy as well as information. The example of the family is a prime example for principles and issues that are common to all types of groups. Any of those can be applied to any group of any kind, whether they are Associations, businesses, clubs, churches, organizations, (political) parties, spiritual communities and so on and treated with Consciousness based healthcare

Fields and the collective unconscious, working with Archetypes

“Morphic resonance gives an inherent memory in fields at all levels of complexity. Any given morphic system, say, a squirrel, “tunes in” to previous similar systems, in this case previous squirrels of its species. Through this process each individual squirrel draws upon, and in turn contributes to, a collective or pooled memory of its kind. In the human realm, this kind of collective memory corresponds to what the psychologist C. G. Jung called the “collective unconscious.” (Sheldrake)

Archetypes are generalized fields that can through morphic resonance deeply influence a person. In Consciousness based healthcare are many different ways of working with archetypes. For example, the influence from a specific archetype can be completely disconnected. An individual version of the archetype can be treated and shifted and a person can also be connected to certain archetypes in order to strengthen that role model in one’s life. For further information on how to archetypal work is used in Consciousness based healthcare for health and healing look for our article on “Archetypes & Health and Healing”.

“We can intuit, then, an infinite domain of infinite potential—consciousness itself—within which there is an enormously powerful attractor field organizing all of human behavior into what is innate to “humanness.” Within the giant attractor field are sequential fields of progressively less energy and power. These fields, in turn, dominate behavior, so that definable patterns are consistent across cultures and time, throughout human history. The interactions of these variations within attractor fields make up the history of civilization and mankind.” (Hawkins)

Fields and inherited Traits

Human beings are being born with certain propensities and traits. Those inherited traits include genetic makeup from parents and ancestors, societal and cultural influences often dating back many centuries as well as other traits that one being born with. Dr. Sheldrake states “all organisms inherit a collective memory of their species by morphic resonance from previous organisms of the same kind. Second, individual organisms are subject to morphic resonance from themselves in the past, and this self-resonance provides the basis for their own individual memories and habits.” (Sheldrake).

The idea that DNA (Genes) are governing the expression of our bodymind has been very wide spread over the last century. DNA however is according to Dr. Sheldrake also governed by morphic fields: “The inherited behavior of animals is likewise organized by morphic fields. Genetic changes can affect both form and behavior, but these patterns of activity are inherited by morphic resonance.” (Sheldrake)

The influence of our ancestors as well as our species in general also profoundly impacts our lifes “All past members of a species influence these fields, their influence is cumulative: it increases as the total number of members of the species grows. Since these past organisms are similar to each other rather than identical, when a subsequent organism comes under their collective influence, its morphogenetic fields are not sharply defined, but consist of a composite of previous similar forms.”(Sheldrake).

Consciousness based Healthcare systems like Bodytalk offer techniques to disassociate these inherited influences in various different ways.

Some other types (e.g. Love matrix, money matrix, success matrix)

As mentioned prior a common approach is to work with fields in treating a field directly. For example everything that happens in one’s life around a specific subject (e.g. love, money, etc.) is a reflection what is held within this particular field. By checking in and resolving the things that held within that field it will change then in the life of the client. A whole treatment session can be comprised on working just on one field and forming, repairing, clearing or forming aspects within that field. The principle of morphic resonance allows simply resonating the ideal version with the current state and hence shifting it towards that new state.

Treating fields of the animal and vegetable kingdom

Treating animals and plants can work in a similar way than treating other fields. Dr. Hawkins writes in Power vs. Force: “Animal and vegetable kingdoms are also controlled by attractor fields of hierarchic power as well” (Hawkins). Rubert Sheldrake also writes also on the effect of Fields on behaviors of animals: “The unsolved problems of animal navigation, migration, and homing may also depend on invisible fields connecting the animals to their destinations. In effect, these could act like invisible elastic bands linking them to their homes. In the language of dynamics, their home can be regarded as an attractor.” (Sheldrake). Bodytalk acknowledge the significance of treating the animal and vegetable kingdom through the training modalities of “Animal talk” and “Plant talk”

Summary and Conclusion

Fields are a nonlinear governing principle that affect every aspect of life and human experience. Because they are nonphysical they are very easily affected by intention, observation and a shift within consciousness and the mind. Hence physical life, behaviors, group dynamics as well every other aspect of life can be adjusted by working with fields also known as attractors or matrixes.

Dr. John Veltheim summarizes how field theory works in the context of Bodytalk “BodyTalk formulas will establish a temporary morphogenic field (energy matrix) that represents a new probability for the better functioning of the larger morphogenic field called the bodymind. By the BodyTalk practitioner having full attention, focus, and conscious awareness of what the capable potential is to achieve in a BodyTalk session, that morphogenic formula of probability is now able to collapse, via observation, into the energy blueprint of the patient.” (Veltheim).

The understanding of fields can be used towards almost any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problem and is a critical understanding of Consciousness based Healthcare and the Health & Healing Clinic.

“Out beyond any ideas of wrongdoing or rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there”.

Jaladin Rumi



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The Science and Philosophy of Bodytalk, John Veltheim


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