Visualization is a way to express intention prior to tought and thinkingness while still addressing the mental plane. It directly connects to the deeper layers of consciousness such as the subconscious. Advanced forms of imagery not only become a way to express intention, i.e. what you hold in mind tends to manifest but also a two way form of communication with these deeper layers of consciousness and the Divine. Here insights and information can be directly accessed that would not be possible in a conscious state of consciousness. On this plane then imagery therapy can quickly and easily facilitate gaining insight, wisdom and shifts in a person that,  address powerfully deeper seated aspects of that person and shift those aspects often in minutes. This advanced use of imagery and visualization integrates all of the 5 senses of the person and is interactive with the therapist. The hallmark of this approach is that everything comes from the client and the therapist merely elicits the clients shifts and insights. It is therefore an integration of classical psychotherapy therapy and experiential forms of therapy. Rev. Jakob Merchant is fully trained and has integrated many forms of image therapy such as Interactive Guided Imagery, Mindscape or Silva method with hypnotherapy and parts work to provide the most effective form of this therapy. 


Short descritipon of therapy forms:

Interactive Guided Imagery (excerpt from original website):

Interactive Guided Imagery℠ is an innovative process that includes all the features of guided imagery and adds the important element of interactivity to the mix. IGI℠ works directly with the images that arise from the individual’s own imagination and inner wisdom. These images reflect the inner workings of one’s own healing processes, and often permit access to critical information about the issue at hand. With IGI℠, the Interactive Imagery Guide℠ assists the client in learning to access and utilize the insights, resources, and solutions that arise from their own unconscious.

The guide’s role is not to provide “better” images for the client, but to facilitate an enhanced awareness of the unconscious imagery the patient/client already has, and help clients learn to effectively work with this imagery on their own behalf. This process is capable of bringing about profound psychological and physiological change, as it simultaneously empowers and educates the patients.

IGI℠ can be useful for nearly all health concerns. It engages the patient/client in their own healing process, and engenders a greater sense of self-efficacy. IGI℠ is an approach that is empowering not only to the client, but to the practitioner, as well, and one that enhances the power of healing in the therapeutic encounter.

People with health issues ranging from musculo-skeletal problems to major addictions and life-threatening illnesses have utilized IGI℠ to relieve symptoms, find meaning, stimulate healing, and make the critical lifestyle changes that support and encourage healing.

Scientific research articles proving effectiveness for: Anxietydepressioninsomniasmoking cessationback and neck painfibromyalgiaheadachesnerve painallergiesasthmadiabetesheart diseasehypertensionirritable bowlsinus conditionssurgery preparation.